You season 5 news and everything we know so far about the future of the Netflix show

Penn Badgley in You season 4 part 2
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Hello, you… The countdown to You season 5 has begun. The final installment of Netflix's hit thriller is officially coming sometime this year, and showrunner Sera Gamble is being replaced by executive producers Michael Foley and Justin W. Lo for Joe Goldberg's last outing. As for what else awaits Joe and co., plot details are being kept under wraps for now, but that hasn't stopped us from putting some clues together (no need for a glass box here, though).  

We've got your complete guide to You season 5, plot theories to our best guess at an exact release date. We also get into heavy spoiler territory, including the You season 4 part 2 ending, so turn back now if you're not up to date with the show. Now, pull on that baseball cap and get sleuthing…

You season 5 release window

Charlotte Ritchie in You season 4 part 2

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You season 5 is coming to Netflix in 2024. While we don't have anything more specific to go by just yet, there tends to be a gap of around 18 months to two years between seasons. So, based on season 4's February 2023 release, we can expect the episodes to drop toward the end of 2024.

The last batch of episodes was released in two installments, with You season 4 part 1 and You season 4 part 2 releasing one month apart. Whether season 5 will follow the same model remains to be seen. 

You season 5 cast: who could return?

Penn Badgley in You season 4 part 2

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As is typical in a season of You, there was quite a lot of movement in the cast during season 4 after Joe slowly killed off several characters. However, by the season finale, there were a few notable stars remaining, and it seems almost certain some of them will be back for more episodes.

First off, Penn Badgley will be back as lead Joe Goldberg – the only character who’s appeared in every episode so far. Murderous Joe has had many aliases over the years including Will Bettelheim and Jonathan Moore, but in the You season 4 finale he’s embraced Joe once again after heading back to New York City.

Right by Joe’s side is Charlotte Ritchie as Kate Galvin, his girlfriend. By the end of season 4, Kate’s accepted a job and moved to the Big Apple with Joe.

Meanwhile, after her character Marienne survived by outwitting Joe with the help of Nadia Farran, we know that Tati Gabrielle will likely return. On that note, Nadia actor Amy-Leigh Hickman could also return, even though her character is now in prison.

While her character didn’t appear in season 4, Jenna Ortega has also shared that she’d love to be back as Ellie in the show. But given she’s going to be busy filming Wednesday season 2 and a new movie with Barry Keoghan, this is very much still up in the air.

As of yet, there's been no news on any new cast members joining the show, but we'll update this as soon as we know.

You season 5 plot speculation

Tati Gabrielle as Marienne in You season 4

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Probably the biggest unknown about a potential season 5 of You is the plot. The fourth season ended with Joe embracing all sides of his killer self as he moved to New York City. Living with Kate, he's reclaimed the narrative about his life, telling his version of the truth about surviving Love Quinn. 

It seems he's managed to avoid all of the consequences of his time in London by framing Nadia. However, a few people still know the truth about him. One of these is Marienne, who we saw in the finale sitting in her Paris apartment reading a news story about Joe and Kate. While she managed to escape his clutches, our money is on Marienne hunting him down to pay for his crimes very soon... 

Each season, the show does like to mix things up in new locations, so we could be heading anywhere. But, as it seems from the finale that Joe will be back where he started in New York City, perhaps there are some ghosts still lingering in that city?

Will You season 5 be the final season?

Penn Badgley in You season 4

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Netflix has confirmed that You season 5 will be the series' final installment. 

Speaking about this prior to the announcement, Badgley told the Happy Sad Confused podcast: "I signed a six-year contract right out the gate. So they could do two more if they wanted. I think if there's another season, I think it's only going to be one. I think – this is my understanding, but I don't know, I really don't know. But I know that everybody concerned, from the top on down, nobody wants this show to become tired, because that's when Joe is the most disgusting. That's when the show stops having the intelligence that it has."

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