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This WD Black Prime Day SSD deal means you can take your whole library on the go - and also save $200!

WD Black P50
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Among the many SSD deals this week, this particular Amazon Prime Day SSD deal is one that's really caught our eye. Now, while this Prime Day proposition may not be considered 'cheap' in the traditional sense, considering the size of the discount on offer, the quality to boot, and the value it offers, it's a great deal to consider: save $200 on the 4TB WD_Black P50 drive. Though you could also go the HDD route and save a third on a 2TB P10 drive -both great external hard drive deals for gamers!

Although the WD_Black P50 is marketed as a Game Drive, the versatility of the portable SSD means you can use it for any type of storage, whether you're hooking it up to a PC, Mac, or your favorite games console. The 4TB capacity and fast transfer speeds make it an ideal addition to your PS5 or Xbox Series X, as the size of games is only increasing and the small internal SSDs within the consoles means space is at a premium. If that's your intended use, then do take a look at what other Prime Day PS5 deals and Prime Day Xbox Series X deals are available to upgrade your console experience.

The WD_Black P50 4TB Portable SSD Game Drive is available this Prime Day with an impressive $200 discount, which takes the price down from $749.99 to just $549.99. The SSD performance offers up to 2000MB/s speeds, significantly reducing loading times and allowing you to transfer files in a flash, while the built-in SuperSpeed USB interface future-proofs the drive to work at its peak with new hardware and accessories. If you don't need the full 4TB of storage, you can also pick up the 2TB version for $349.99, 1TB for $199.99, or 500GB for just $139.99.

If you're looking for a large portable drive to store all of your games but don't need the speed of an SSD, then the WD_Black P10 series of portable HDDs will open up a huge amount of space at a much more affordable price. Other options include the WD_Black P10 Black Ops Cold War 2TB Portable HDD which is reduced from $109.99 to $74.99, and the WD_Black P10 Xbox 1TB Portable HDD down from $69.99 to $53.19 – bear in mind that those editions are just branding on the case and will still be compatible with all the same devices.

Portable SSD deals

Remember that regardless of whether you pick one of the portable SSDs or HDDs, as things stand you won't be able to play PS5 or Xbox Series X games directly from them as those titles can only be run from the internal SSD. However, it is possible to store your new-gen games on an external drive attached to either console in order to free up internal space, then transfer them over to the internal SSD when you want to access them.

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