You can get official D&D coffee now, in case you wanted a boost for your next adventure

A cup with two packs from the Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club
(Image credit: Hasbro, D&D Coffee Club)

An official set of D&D coffee is now available, allowing you to stock up on tabletop RPG-inspired brews.

Dubbed the 'Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club', it introduces four blends with distinct tastes based on iconic creatures from Dungeons and Dragons books. More specifically, you can grab the Owlbear Blend, Beholder Brew, Dragonfire Roast, or Displacer Beast Decaf.

Available now in the UK and due to launch across North America soon, Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club offers individual purchases or a subscription that delivers the good stuff to your door. The latter, which you can find on the D&D Coffee Club website, allows you to choose which blends you want sent to you, and how often you'd like them to arrive. For two packets of ground coffee every four weeks, it'll cost around £14 / $36 per month. However, you'll also nab some freebies after a certain period of time.

In terms of how it all tastes, the press release notes that the Owlbear Blend offers a "nutty Colombian arabica" flavor, while the Beholder Brew is a "dark and powerful" Italian mix. Meanwhile, you're getting a "bittersweet cocoa" with the Dragonfire Roast, and the Displacer Beast Decaf has "all the flavor of regular coffee with none of the jitters." In the long-term, the range will apparently grow to include brew bags, concentrate, and capsules.

"This has been such an exciting time to be a Dungeons & Dragon fan with new products coming alongside a major film," says Hasbro senior director of UK licensed consumer products Sally Carnota. "We’re thrilled the Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club will offer a new way for fans to experience the game’s characters, sense of community and maybe a fresh cup will help spark an adventurer’s imagination."

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