Years of bogus GTA 6 leaks mean fans might finally know peace as reported official reveal looms, and they're struggling to cope

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Update: Rockstar Games has revealed we're getting a GTA 6 trailer to properly unveil the game next month.

Original story: GTA 6 fans can't believe the day has finally come for us to (hopefully) get some real updates from Rockstar about its upcoming game.

On November 8, 2023, a report by Bloomberg suggested that GTA 6 could be announced "as early as this week" - with a trailer also expected next month. Although this is just speculation right now (since Rockstar or parent company Take-Two haven't said anything official yet), it's enough to get GTA fans' hopes up as well as a little nervous about the outcome. 

Over on the GTA 6 subreddit, fans have been sharing their excitement and theories, with many speculating that we could be getting that rumored trailer during this year's The Game Awards on December 7 or around the time of Rockstar's 25th anniversary, which is also sometime next month. 

Others have pointed out that this report has been published right before Take-Two Interactive's quarterly earnings call, which is set to take place later today and could also reveal something about the upcoming game. 

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"This is a real source not a 'Leaker' so I'm getting hyped," one fan in the subreddit says. 

"This is the first time since the leaks I've been legitimately excited. It's happening," another adds. 

It seems like GTA 6 fans don't even care what Rockstar shows this week, they're just happy to have something to be excited about - especially after the massive GTA 6 leak that we got just over a year ago. 

Saying that, though, some fans have begun theorizing what Rockstar will show off this week if the report turns out to be accurate. "The first teaser for RDR2 was literally just a black and red Rockstar logo. I'm assuming the teaser will just be their logo with a [Vice City] vibe," one user has suggested. "Anticipating their logo with a palm tree sitting in the background, maybe neon lights style for the text and border," another has added

In other news, a GTA 6 sleuth thinks they've already located the official trailer.

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