This Xbox headset deal gets you the Razer Kaira Pro for a ridiculous lowest ever price

Razer Kaira Pro
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This Xbox headset deal is a bit silly - and it's one we've been tracking for a little while so feel happy saying that. Right now you can get the excellent Razer Kaira Pro for just $89.99 (down from $150) today at Amazon. This brings it dangerously close to being half price, which is wild in itself, and it's also a full $10 cheaper than it was recently - and that price was a record low, too.

What this price cut also does is basically change the 'tier' of the headset too - at its usual price, it is very much a premium, top-tier Xbox headset, while at its now-reduced price, it's dropped safely into a mid-tier kind of position, offering excellent value for money on a wireless headset.

If you have been eyeing up a premium Xbox headset and one that elevates you straight into the top end of the spectrum then this is the one, and this deal gets you not only one of the best Xbox Series X headsets but one of the best Xbox Series X wireless headsets.

With quality drivers, seamless wireless connection, a great microphone, and quality in design, build, game audio, and more, the Razer Kaira Pro is likely all the Xbox headset you'll ever need. And remember, not only is this one of the top headsets for the latest new-gen console, but due to its forward/backward compatibility, it's also one of the best Xbox One headsets

However, if you're after something else, or your budget can't quite stretch to this price tag, we've also highlighted another couple of Xbox headset deals below to give you some good options.

Today's best Xbox headset deals

Razer Kaira Pro | Black | $150

Razer Kaira Pro | Black | $150 $89.99 at Amazon
Save $60; lowest ever price - This is a premium Xbox headset and you can now bag it for a cheap Xbox headset deal. Perennial makers of some of the best headsets going, the Kaira Pro is borne of that pedigree and offers excellent audio, a solid mic, and great performance.

Razer Kraken | Green | $80

Razer Kraken | Green | $80 $39.99 at Amazon
Save $40; lowest ever price - Original, unadulterated quality in its simplest form - this is a great headset. For full disclosure, the Kraken has been at this price more than it hasn't for the last six months or so, but this doesn't change the fact that it is the lowest ever price the headset has sold for. Great value, and an excellent wired headset to play with on any platform.

Razer Barracuda X | Black | $100

Razer Barracuda X | Black | $100 $69.99 at Amazon
Save $30; lowest ever price - While it's important to note that this is not compatible with Xbox consoles wirelessly, it is with its audio jack cable, and is still perfect as a headset that can do it all (and do it all wirelessly on all other platforms).

More of today's Xbox gaming headset deals

If the model on offer above doesn't suit, you'll find plenty more Xbox gaming headset deals below. These are some of the best cups on the market right now, which means you're getting excellent value with any money off. 

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