X-Men: Apocalypse clip shows the moment Cyclops' abilities arrive

(Image credit: Fox)

Part of X-Men: Apocalypse that we're most looking forward to is witnessing the early days of the original line-up. Finally, audiences will get to see the series' most iconic mutants joining Professor X's cause, and harnessing their powers for good. That includes the young Scott Summers - aka Cyclops - who debuted back in the first X-Men movie as an adult. Since the upcoming sequel takes place in 1983, the teenage Tye Sheridan now tackles the role. He takes centre stage in this clip as Summers comes to grips with the enormity of his powers:

Okay, I lied. He doesn't quite come to grips with them. More like 'terrified to death' by what his eyes are capable of doing. In this case, that's destroying school property and causing a bully to soil his pants. Wonder how long it'll take him to locate a pair of super-strength Ray-Bans?

Directed by Bryan Singer and starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Oscar Isaac, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, and Hugh Jackman, X-Men: Apocalypse will now be released in UK cinemas on May 18, 2016 before making its way to US theatres on May 27, 2016.

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