WWE 2K20: Bray Wyatt ‘Fiend’ character included as part of first DLC pack

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The burning question on every wrestling-obsessed gamer’s lips after one man (and a severed head!) stole the show at Summerslam: will Bray Wyatt’s ‘The Fiend’ character appear in WWE 2K20? 

Mercifully, publisher 2K has been swift with the answer. Yes, Wyatt is in – albeit as DLC.

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On the surface that may appear like a quick cash grab, but in fact this is a major breakthrough. In previous years any new or repackaged character who broke through after WrestleMania would be held back for the following year’s game, so most fans expected Wyatt’s new alter-ego to be omitted until WWE 2K21. Instead, he’s coming as part of the first downloadable ‘WWE Originals’ pack, all of which will be Halloween themed to mark the WWE 2K20 release date of 22 October.

Entitled 'Bump In The Night', the pack adds five new 2K story towers, a new 2K Showcase featuring a war between Wyatt and Summerslam opponent Finn Balor at the notorious Wyatt Family compound, two new arenas, and a load of moves, weapons and create-a-superstar parts. It also delivers ten new in-game characters in addition to Wyatt, giving fresh fictional spins to some current-day WWE favourites.

Here’s the full list of characters:

  • 'Demon King' Finn Bálor
  • 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt
  • 'The Swampfather' Bray Wyatt
  • FrankenStrowman
  • 'Wicked' Aleister Black
  • 'Unleashed Apex Predator' Randy Orton
  • 'Fed-Up' Sheamus
  • 'Survivor' Mandy Rose
  • 'Twisted' Nikki Cross
  • Two mystery characters still to be announced

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This is the first time Balor, Black, Orton, Sheamus, Rose and Cross have been mentioned in relation to this year’s game, so you can now add them to the ever-growing WWE 2K20 roster. That’s particularly big news in Cross’ case, as the Scottish brawler - and reigning women’s tag champion - was mysteriously omitted from WWE 2K19.

Further details can be found on 2K's official WWE 2K20 news page.

WWE 2K20 is released on 22 October. For more gameplay specifics, check out GR's story on Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch sharing the WWE 2K20 cover.

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