WWE 2K19 roster: profiles of all 184 confirmed wrestlers, including Ronda Rousey

Heath Slater & Rhyno

Paired together for a comedy reign as the first Smackdown Tag Team champions, somehow the unlikely tandem of Slater and Rhyno just passed their second anniversary – although they've failed to scale the same heights since an April 2017 transfer to Raw. Fun fact: January marked Rhyno's first appearance in a Royal Rumble match in 14 years.

Hideo Itami

GR was present in the flesh when Itami first hit his finishing move, the GTS, to overcome Tyler Breeze at a NXT house show in March 2015. It got the pop of the night, and in retrospect only serves to highlight how far his star has fallen since. Lost in the mix on 205 Live, he'd benefit from a move to Raw or Smackdown – but since the show began in November 2016, not one wrestler has made such a switch.

Ivory & Jacquline

Two stalwarts of the old-school women's division here, who helped turn Lita and Trish Stratus into WWF/E's biggest ever female stars. The two also had watchable matches against one another across 1999 and 2000, though you'll need to use CAWs if you want to pair them off against contemporaries Tori and Sable. 

Jack Gallagher

An issue with the launch of cruiserweight show 205 Live in November 2016 was its lack of natural heels. The made it inevitable that one or two faces would be selected for a surprise nefarious turn, and it was English 'Gentleman' Gallagher chosen first, aligning himself with former rival The Brian Kendrick. The tandem hasn't really worked out, leaving you – and Gallagher – an open canvas for 2K19.

Jake Roberts & Mr Perfect

In GR's eyes, Roberts, Perfect and 'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase were the WWF's best three early-'90s heels – and with DiBiase restored to the series this year you can finally turn them into a nefarious three-way stable, should you so wish. Perfect is the father of Curtis Axel, listed alongside Bo Dallas elsewhere on the roster.

Jeff & Matt Hardy

Since returning to WWE in 2017 both Hardy Brothers have bathed in gold. Matt’s had two stints as Raw tag champ – first with Jeff, more recently alongside Bray Wyatt – while Jeff downed Jinder Mahal to claim the US Championship before a spring switch to Smackdown. DLC last year, the Hardys make the on-disc roster this time around. 

Jey & Jimmy Uso

The real-life Uso twins were Smackdown's unspoken MVPs in 2018, transforming the tag division via their hard-hitting feud with The New Day. The problem was such excellence caused WWE to turn them face, instantly taking away the tandem's edge – they were left off the Summerslam card completely. Do the right thing in 2K19 and keep them as brash, fist-pounding heels.

Jinder Mahal

Second-biggest shock in 2017’s WWE: long-time jobber Mahal pinning Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Backlash. Biggest shock: Mahal’s reign lasting six months, until finally being curtailed by AJ Styles in November. Jinder’s stint with the belt was largely forgettable, but it should nonetheless translate into some impressive attributes in WWE 2K19.

John Cena

WWE’s 16-time World Champion hasn’t wrestled since April, and enjoys a part-time schedule given his catalogue of injuries and extracurricular commitments. Even so, he could take three years off and still be the first name down for the videogame each year given those monster in-ring achievements. Pencil him for 2K19, 2K20, 2K21 and beyond.

Kairi Sane

While Shayna Baszler’s connections to Ronda Rousey provide immediate storyline material should her promotion to Raw come, one female member of the NXT roster is considered an even greater prospect. Better known in her home country of Japan as Kairi Hojo, Sane defeated Baszler in the finals of WWE’s inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament, and will be one of 2K19’s most enticing names if included.

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