WWE 2K19 roster: profiles of all 184 confirmed wrestlers, including Ronda Rousey


The inaugural Cruiserweight Champion hasn't been well utilised on 205 Live since dropping that title to The Brian Kendrick at Hell In A Cell 2016, and these days is more often than not jobbed out to the likes of Noam Dar. GR, however, has big plans for him in WWE 2K19 Universe Mode, not least because his NES-inspired entrance and theme always raise a smile.

Triple H

All hail The Game, The King Of Kings, The Executive Vice President Of Talent, Live Events & Creative. Okay, so that last moniker might not be especially catchy, but it means that – as son-in-law to Vince McMahon and husband to Stephanie McMahon – he has a job for life in WWE, and will therefore still be going strong in videogame form when WWE 2K29 rolls around.

Trish Stratus

Screenshot from WWE 2K18.

Screenshot from WWE 2K18.

Videogame rosters are an inexact science, and 2K gets most things right most years – but leaving WWE's greatest ever female star out of both 2K14 and 2K15 is as baffling now as it was at the time. Safely reinstalled since, she's found time to return to the real ring too in 2018 –  with the first ever Women's Royal Rumble in January becoming her first match in seven years. 

Tye Dillinger

'The Perfect Ten' continues to be popular with fans despite scoring precious few singles victories on Smackdown, often being fed to bigger, dastlier names such as Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura. A teased tag-team with R-Truth may deliver some comedy value over the winter and into 2019.

Ultimate Warrior

Time and again WWE rewrote history where the tassled, facepainted behemoth adored by every wrestling fan born between 1979 and 1985 was concerned – but since his death in 2014 everything has been positive, and he's become a videogame regular. This will be the sixth appearance in a row for Warrior since the shock announcement that he was to be a pre-order bonus for WWE 2K14.

The Undertaker

WWE's legendary 'Deadman' supposedly retired following his loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 - but he was tempted back into the ring for wins over John Cena and Rusev in April, and will imminently clash with Triple H at the company's Australian Super Showdown event. Expect multiple character models in 2K19, with his 2002 'Badass' gimmick already confirmed as DLC.


Leon 'Vader' White sadly passed away on 18 June 2018, aged 63 - leaving behind a legacy that encompassed six world championships across IWGP and WCW, and a reputation as the greatest big-man grappler of all time thanks to bloody feuds with Sting and Mick Foley. As tributes go, a spot in the videogame is the least he deserves.

Velveteen Dream

NXT faces Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford), Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic) and Candice LaRae all made GR’s ‘most wanted list’ along with Dream, and thankfully we're getting all of the above on disc save for LaRae. Will she be DLC instead? GR will have a closer look at all 2K19's downloadable content as soon as it's announced.

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