WWE 2K19 roster: profiles of all 184 confirmed wrestlers, including Ronda Rousey

Noam Dar

Scotland's 205 Live representative seemed a natural choice to pair with fellow Brits Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews on return from long-term injury in July, but no such trio materialised. Instead Dar turned face and went on a run of victories, including two wins over former champ TJP. Tyler Bate and (via Community Creations) Trent Seven after other team-mate possibilities in WWE 2K19.

Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight

A compact cannonball of a man, Dozovic should be tremendous fun to control in WWE 2K19 – and broad-shouldered partner Knight is no slouch. Think of them as a miniature version of hulking '90s tandem the Natural Disasters. And remember their name: Heavy Machinery.

Papa Shango

Charles Wright clocked up six different guises across his WWF/E days: Sir Charles (a little-known jobber role), Papa Shango, 'Supreme Fighting Machine' Kama, Kama Mustafa, The Godfather, and The Goodfather. Two of those gimmicks, Shango and Godfather, make it into WWE 2K19.

Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate

Last year WWE signed five outstanding British wrestlers to their real-life roster, but the move happened marginally too late for them to make the video game cut. Instead two of that entire quintet make WWE 2K19, with UK Champion Dunne joined by English compatriot Tyler Bate. Sadly there's no spot for Trent Seven, Welsh scrapper Mark Andrews, or beardy bruising Scotsman Wolfgang.


As of mid-September Truth had re-emerged from obscurity to feature in the most amusing feud on Smackdown - with former women's champion Carmella. It's unlikely to lead to a series of great matches for obvious reasons, but does mean that the longstanding midcarder feels relevant again just in time for 2K19.

Randy Orton

Sidelined during the summer after undergoing surgery for a torn medial collateral ligament, this will be Orton’s 25th WWE game appearance – and as a future Hall Of Famer he’ll likely add another 25 in due course. More pressingly, a much-needed heel turn on Jeff Hardy has refreshed his character for the year ahead.

Randy Savage

It's amazing to think that Macho Man was once on such bad terms with WWE that he spent 17 years (from 1994's Royal Rumble to 2011's WWE All Stars) absent from the company's videogames. Thankfully bridges were restored shortly before his untimely death seven years ago, and he's been a welcome regular in the 2K series ever since.

Rey Mysterio

Wrestling’s most famous little big man returned to WWE for one night only at this year’s Royal Rumble – but is now rumoured to be eyeing a permanent comeback. The first step towards that is his confirmation as the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K19, alongside a fellow superstar "to be named later." [Since confirmed as Ronda Rousey. Yes!]

Ric Flair

The 16-time world champ isn't merely in the game, but gets his own deluxe edition this year. Entitled the Wooooo! Edition, it includes all DLC – such as additional characters Ronda Rousey and Rey Mysterio – and cool physical treats: a Hall Of Fame replica ring, a commemorative plaque containing a piece of his robes, and an awesome-looking Flair Funko Pop. Sounds, and looks, ace. 

Rick Martel & Shawn Michaels

The Model and Mr WrestleMania may seem a curious pairing, but I can justify it with two words: 'Summerslam '92'. At the Wembley event – the first WWF pay-per-view held outside the US – Martel and Michaels contested a well-worked and genuinely funny heel vs heel encounter based on the premise that neither could strike the other's face. Alas, that rule isn't in WWE 2K19.

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