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Wow! Get 12 months of PlayStation Plus for less than £27 right now

Get 12 months of PlayStation Plus for less than £27 right now
(Image credit: Sony)

Mega deal alert! You can currently get a whole year of PlayStation Plus at Currys for just £26.97. However, there's a caveat with this. It's only available in store so for those of you lucky enough to live near a store that has it in stock, you're on to a winner here! This is, we think, the lowest price we've seen for a year's subscription, certainly for a long time, perhaps ever. It is surely going to sell out so act quick!

Topping up your PS Plus subscription is an easy purchase and an incredibly useful one because you can always add a new amount onto your existing months in the tank. This means you can take advantage of any deal that crops up. Like this one. So to extend your online gaming by another whole year, get this sweet deal and the 12 months will stack on top of your existing months you have in the tank. Given that the full price of 12 months of the service comes in at $60 / £50 - as much as a new, full-price game - this deal is pretty much in 'must-have' territory, tempting to those of us who have a fair amount in the bank already (like me). 

Of course, you could wait and see what the Amazon Prime Day game deals bring in July, but you really are best to strike while the iron is hot and I don't think we'll see it this cheap again soon.

12 months subscription of PlayStation Plus for only £26.97 (save 47%
This is an absolute bargain compared the 50 pounds it usually costs. Get online for less now!View Deal

PlayStation Plus not only grants you access and the ability to experience shenanigans with other players online, but sometimes can bag you extra, exclusive discounts on title at the PS Store and free games every month that are yours to play as long as you have an active subscription.

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