Working Title feels Young@Heart

When you picture cover bands, it’s usually a group of young or beardy types playing Doors classics or trying their best to sound like whichever bunch of musical muppets is currently hot.

But thanks to last year’s Channel 4 doc Young @ Heart, the rockingest group of New England seniors ever to rattle the dentures and blow the speakers while performing were brought to a whole new audience.

Formed 25 years ago, the Young At Heart rockers smash stereotypes of Horlicks-loving elderly types by cranking out top covers of the likes of the Clash, Coldplay and Jimi Hendrix.

And now – unsurprisingly – Working Title has decided that it would make the perfect premise for a movie, and have nabbed the rights.

There’s no writer or director set yet, but we figure the Rolling Stones can all appear… Or are they too old?