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Wonder what happened between Star Wars: Rogue One and A New Hope? Here's how to find out

Star Wars: Rogue One bridges the gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, but Rogue One doesn't start right at the beginning of episode 4. There's still story left to tell in that liminal space. Lucasfilm has gone back to original Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta to give that period life as one of the 40 short stories included in From A Certain Point of View, an upcoming anthology novel.

According to a new synopsis posted by publisher Penguin Random House, Whitta's story will bridge "the gap from Rogue One to A New Hope through the eyes of Captain Antilles". If you remember how Rogue One ended - spoilers, Leia was literally on the Rebel blockade runner from the beginning of A New Hope - you may not think Whitta has very much room to work with here. You're not the only one.

 But we may yet be surprised. 

Captain Wedge Antilles, an ace X-wing pilot and hero of the Rebellion, was namedropped in Rogue One but never appeared on screen (he had a fairly prominent role in the third season of Star Wars Rebels, at least). From A Certain Point of View will give readers additional perspective from other established Star Wars characters, including Aunt Beru, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Biggs Darklighter. Also the monster from the Death Star Trash Compactor, which should be an illuminating read.

From a Certain Point of View will hit bookshelves starting on October 3. Until then, slake your thirst for sweet, sweet canon with our Star Wars: The Last Jedi info recap article.

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