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Wiped Outriders inventories are beginning to be restored

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Outriders has beugn restoring the wiped inventories of players whose gear went missing last month.

In an announcement on the Outriders subreddit (opens in new tab), publisher Square Enix revealed that the restoration of player's inventories would proceed in two stages. The first of these groups is for Outriders players who were hit by the inventory wipe bug, and were no longer able to access their characters, while the second group is for affected players that were able to keep on using their character, minus the gear they'd accumulated.

At time of writing, the first group should be beginning to see their wiped items appear back in their inventories. Square Enix has explained that all items that were equipped by the player character at the time of the bug occurring should be reappearing in their inventories, and that thankfully includes rare Legendary items and previously completed Accolades. 

However, Square Enix has cautioned players that they might not be able to restore items back to inventories with 100% accuracy. Additionally, if your current inventory is full when Square Enix attempts to restore your items, they'll be put to one side until you've got sufficient room to collect your past items. There's more good news for affected players, as if those in the first group of players had other in-game characters who weren't affected by the bug, they may receive up to 20 brand new Legendary items.

If you're unfamiliar with this particular Outriders bug, it first reared its head near the beginning of April, shortly after People Can Fly's shooter launched. Players were seeing all their gear, including weapons, armor, and Accolades, completely vanish for no reason. Not long after, People Can Fly promised they were working on a solution, and that those affected by the bug would be given "god-tier rolls" for their weapons when they were eventually returned. Things appear to be on track to return to normal, which is no doubt a huge relief for Outriders's player base.

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Hirun Cryer
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