Yes, Winnie the Pooh will wield a chainsaw in this horror sequel

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey
(Image credit: Altitude Film Distribution/Fathom Events)

Somehow, the Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey horror sequel sounds even wilder than the original movie – and that's saying something. 

In a new interview, director Rhys Frake-Waterfield revealed that Winnie is levelling up his gore game in the sequel. 

"In the sequel, Winnie the Pooh will have a chainsaw," Frake-Waterfield told CinePOP. "I'm going to introduce that. I'm going to make that happen."

Considering the original movie saw the loveable bear (accompanied by his trusty pal Piglet) go on a bloody rampage with multiple fatalities, we didn't think the sequel could possibly get any bigger – but it sure sounds like Pooh will be even more unhinged in the follow-up. 

Frake-Waterfield has more twisted versions of your favorite childhood classics up his sleeve, too. Bambi: The Reckoning and Peter Pan's Neverland Nightmare are both in the works, and, from the titles alone, we can guess that we're not going to be seeing adorable woodland creatures and fun adventures with pirates. 

"The idea is that we're going to try and imagine they’re all in the same world, so we can have crossovers," Frake-Waterfield has said of his horror plans. "People have been messaging saying they really want to see Bambi versus Pooh."

Bambi vs. Pooh certainly sounds like the showdown of the century, we have to agree. Just when we might see the Avengers of beloved-classics-turned-horror-monsters is a mystery for now, though. 

There's also no word yet on when Blood and Honey 2 will land, but, while you wait, check out our roundup of the best horror movies ever to fill out your watchlist. 

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