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Will there be a PS5 restock today? Here is where to look

Will there be a PS5 restock today? Here is where to look
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Another day, another possible PS5 restock. Because it's so overdue, there's a chance that the console may get a drop at Best Buy today, April 30 - in fact, it's not offered the PlayStation 5 since the end of March. That means deals can't be far away.

If the PS5 restock was to happen at Best Buy today, it would probably drop between 12pm and 3pm EST. Although there's no guarantee it'll happen, we'd advise signing in and getting your payment details ready ahead of time as a result. You don't want to face any holdups getting between you and a PS5.

Don't worry if a PS5 restock proves elusive, either. There's a good chance Amazon will have some deals on offer this weekend, as proven by last Saturday's drop. Just be warned, it could happen at any time - the last one was at 3am EST.

In the meantime, don't forget to watch out for Twitter trends and stock trackers. They're a great early warning system and have helped more than a few shoppers get their hands on PS5 stock.

PS5 restock deals

Amazon PS5 restock | Could appear at any time
Amazon had been remarkably quiet regard a PS5 restock over the last few months, but then it surprised everyone with a drop on the weekend - on Sunday at 3am EST, to be precise. As such, check in every now and then to see if you get lucky. Good luck!
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Best Buy PS5 restock | Possibly Friday, April 30 (12pm - 3pm EST)
If a Best Buy PS5 restock ends up going through this week, it'll be on Friday between 12pm and 3pm EST. Because it hasn't happened for a while, this drop is way overdue. Fingers crossed, everyone!
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PS5 restock - retailers to check

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