Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics for July 9 - July 13, 2021

Destiny 2 Xur
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Where is Xur? For the weekend beginning July 9, Destiny 2 players can find Xur on Nessus in the northeastern corner of the map up on a big red tree. He'll stay there until reset time on Tuesday, July 13. Even if you aren't interested in any of the Exotics he's selling, it's always worth visiting to get an Exotic engram and to see if you can improve the stat rolls on any of your Exotic armor. You can also get an Exotic cipher to fill out your legacy Exotic collection once per week. 

Here's Xur's latest Exotic lineup:

  • Exotic weapon - Fighting Lion: fires bouncing grenades that can be detonated remotely. Uses primary ammo, deals bonus shield damage, will auto-reload on multikills, and generates primary ammon on every kill. Fighting Lion is a remarkably flexible Exotic with a high skill ceiling in both PvE and PvP, so be sure to grab it if you don't own it. 
  • Hunter Exotic - The Sixth Coyote: gain a second dodge charge. Ordinarily, Exotics that just give you an extra ability charge aren't that great, but Hunters have so many ways to exploit and combo their dodge that the Sixth Coyote actually earns its keep. It's still a bit niche, but it's powerful in the right hands.
  • Titan Exotic - The Armamentarium: gain a second grenade charge. Speak of the devil. Grenades are good, but Titans don't have a lot of grenade synergy, so having more grenades doesn't really unlock any cool combos or expand your play style in a meaningful way. You can try some wacky Demolitionist-type builds, but you can make those work with other, more powerful Exotics too. 
  • Warlock Exotic - Wings of Sacred Dawn: with the Dawnblade subclass equipped, aiming your weapons mid-air will hold you in place and improve your accuracy, reduce flinch, and grant minor damage resistance. Landing shots will extend these effects. The Wings of Sacred Dawn paint a big-old target on your back in PvP, but they do unlock some cool aerial plays. If you can master the angles of approach, this Exotic can be strong, but top-tree Dawnblade has plenty of aerial game without them, and there are more lethal and aggressive options out there. 

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