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What will games be like in 2020?

GamesRadarsister site Next Gen is running an article focussing on the opinions from industry experts on what games and gaming will be like in the year 2020...

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and chair of NeoEdge: "Social gatherings have always had some game playing elements whether you're talking about a 12th century banquet or a game of Risk around the table at home.

"The way people will play games in the future is by getting together socially and making gaming a part of that experience, along with the beer and the pizza. They'll gather in social places and play games together, which are either free games or paid. Games will bring people together."

Peter Moore, head of EA Sports: "Games have a key role to play in health and wellness. People will be able to do things with games in their own houses that they just can't do at the gym. And it's not just about making yourself stronger and healthier but also smarter and happier.

"Games have the power to make people happy and to make the world a better place. And I do mean the world, because we are now opening up massive new markets like China and India that will bring billions of gamers."

The above are just two excerpts from what's a number of industry folks voicing opinions, and it's worth a read. Get the full monty onNext Gen. We're sure you have your own views too...

Courtesy of CVG

Apr 11, 2008