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New Westworld season 3 trailer reveals a possible big return to the park

After the Westworld season 3 premiere offered more questions than answers – what is Rehoboam? What’s Dolores’ master plan? What will Incite do next? – the “In the Weeks Ahead” trailer released by HBO has only added to the mystery, as well as heavily hinting that major characters will return to the park.

“Where am I?” asks whichever Host is currently taking the form of Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale. The focus across the next few episodes, it seems, is deciphering which five Hosts Dolores left the park with during the Westworld season 2 finale. Judging by how close Dolores gets to Hale in one scene, we could be looking at a new body for James Marsden’s Teddy, despite him making it to The Great Beyond.

It’s those who could be making their way back to the park – or still in it, it’s fairly ambiguous at this stage – that could make the biggest impact.

Maeve is seen going face-to-face with a mysterious oracle-like man who has been waiting for all the pieces to fall into place. Her predictable response speaks volumes: “Who the fuck are you?” That’s one way of putting it and, as she makes her way through the previously-unseen World War 2-themed park, it’s clear that the only definitive thing about the upcoming run of episodes is that she’s going to be just as entertaining as ever.

The Man in Black and Bernard, meanwhile, are each shown in new, different locations, yet each united by a singular goal: to stop Dolores.

As the net begins to close on the robot revolutionist, we might finally be getting the answers we’ve craved since the first season teased violent delights and, crucially, violent ends.

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