Watchmen gets test screened

With Watchmen test screenings taking place across the pond this weekend, it was only a matter of time before word leaked out.

Despite hefty security provisions, audience members scurried home immediately and began feverishly pounding keyboards to get their thoughts about the film online.

The good news is that many of them appear to love the movie, labelling it “hardcore” and “amazing.” But there’s also controversy.


Naturally, we won’t be detailing the reports here – check out Comic Book Movie ’s page if you really need to see – and we’d appreciate spoilers being kept out of the forums.

But if the general opinion is anything to go by (and we’re taking everything so far with a grain of salt), Zack Snyder’s film doesn’t hew 100% to the book.

What could, though? Snyder himself has said that it’s impossible to bring everything to the screen. And who knows – maybe the crafty director, realising fans would hit the test screens, has a few more tricks up his sleeve than we imagine.

And it hasn’t dampened any of our excitement for the movie. March can’t get here quick enough.

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