Watch this stunt performer become a real-life Spider-Man in latest Totally Game season 2 episode 2

Stunt performer and parkour athlete Ronnie Shalvis has become a real-life Spider-Man. 

As you can see in Totally Game season 2 episode 2 above, Shalvis has made quite the life for himself being a real-life version of your friendly local Spider-Man - but perhaps with a little less crime-fighting. 

Having loved Spider-Man since playing the 2004 PS2 game, the Georgia-native has since played every single Spider-Man game released. But, it's not just gaming that fuels his love for Spider-Man, it's actually doing full parkour in Spider-Man cosplay.

"Whenever I'm doing the Spider-Man stunt videos out in public it's great to hear the reactions because most of the time people love it," explains Shalvis in the latest episode of Totally Game. "People are just in awe of seeing Spider-Man up on a building or doing flips, so they'll always come up and get pictures. Every time I'm out, you'll see people stop with their cell phones."

Shalvis publishes his Spidey-stunt videos to his YouTube channel 'Ronnie Street Stunts', where he's also recreated games like Assassin's Creed and Super Smash Bros using his parkour skills. But, it's Spider-Man that's his true passion - particularly the PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man released in 2018.

"As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to try and recreate it," he says. "[Insomniac Games] took a lot of inspiration from Parkour in that game, so I knew it would be a perfect fit to try and recreate some of the stunts.”

So, before the game was released he made his own trailer for the game, and then later worked to recreate specific moves from the game once he got his hands on it. That includes a side-by-side comparison video of the in-game moves against his own real-world antics.

"Some of my favorite stunts are the traversal with the web-swinging and the way he flips through the air. But I also love a lot of the practical stunts. Any time he's evading or dodging villains, the way he flips over them, or swings through their legs, I love those types of stunts because I know it's something I can take inspiration from to apply in real life."

Shalvis even went as far as to create his own version of the iconic Advanced Suit from the game, with the bold white spider-logo. 

”I'm super excited for the new Spider-man game on PS5 featuring Miles Morales. He's such a fun character and the way he moves is a little different to Peter Parker’s Spider-man. So I'm just excited to see what tricks and moves they've included in the game for me to take inspiration from and try to recreate in real life.”

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Sam Loveridge
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