Watch the Fortnite Doomsday event and see why the storm is now the ocean

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The Fortnite Doomsday event is over and it has a big change for one of the most basic elements of the game: the storm is now the ocean.

The hotly anticipated event finally started the transition to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 after several delays. As the countdown struck zero, players watched the device ascend from The Agency building, ringed by mechanical towers that emerged from the lake. The device activated in a sudden surge of electricity, sending energy pulsing out through the towers and into the storm. After a few pulses, it looked like the storm had finally been beaten - giving players a few moments to wander an unusually bright and cheerful version of the map.

Then it came back - but different. The storm assumed a new form as a towering ring of water around the map. You can even see sharks and other aquatic wildlife suspended in it. Make no mistake, stepping into this new extra-aquatic storm will still hurt you, you'll just be able to swim around as you get zapped to death.

While the event didn't send players to strange fractal realms or include a musical performance by a towering Travis Scott, it arguably had a stranger interlude: a series of visits to an unassuming office. These trips took place in first-person, and included the usual office ambience of somebody on a phone call. Eventually they ended the call and walked into the room, and we were greeted head-on with Jonesy. "Can you… hear me?" Jonesy asked, clearly shocked to see us, before we were sent back to the island.

Is this a vision of the past, when Jonesy was a paper pusher before the storm? Is this a window into an alternate reality where memos and meeting invites are Jonesy's weapon of choice? Or is something else going on? Hopefully we'll find out more when the next season begins on Wednesday. Until then, keep an eye on that tidal wall.

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