Watch the death god in action in this exclusive new Death Note trailer

The second trailer for Netflix's upcoming original movie Death Note is here and you can watch it exclusively on GR+. Although the first look had fans reeling from yet another western remake of a manga series, this is another chance to see what director Adam Wingard's vision for Death Note is and I'm intrigued. 

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The new trailer not only shows the death god Ryuk (Willem Dafoe) in action, but reveals that Nat Wolff’s Light and Margaret Qualley’s Misa think they can make the world a better place using the death note. Really? Unsurprisingly, it looks like things get out of hand pretty quickly, but fans of the original manga might have a different take on the new trailer. Watch it above or keep scrolling for some new images. Death Note hits Netflix on August 25, 2017. 

Lauren O'Callaghan

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