Watch Dogs Legion is under $50 – and one of the cheapest ways to add to your next-gen lineup

watch dogs legion deal
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Watch Dogs Legion has only been out for a few weeks and, already, the deals have started. Amazon have slashed the price on the British-based open-world game from Ubisoft, lowering the price down from its usual hefty $60 tag. It’s now under $50. 

Normally, that’s a bargain in and of itself given the price of games keeps going up and up. But wait, there’s more: this Watch Dogs Legion deal also comes bundled with an upgrade to your next-gen console of choice. So, you’re getting essentially a new PS5 or Xbox Series X game just in time for launch week – all for less than $50. It’s a perfect way to fill out your launch library without breaking the bank. Or hacking DedSec.

Watch Dogs Legion is one of the best next-gen games to scratch that open world itch. Touting a revolutionary "Play as Anyone" mechanic, you can help liberate London using anyone with grannies to grime rapper Stormzy. Of course, it’ll look even better on your new consoles too; expect better draw distance, crisper graphics, and faster load times.

It also pays to get the physical version too. As Ubisoft has explained, it’s the only way to upgrade to next-gen if you buy a PS4 or Xbox One version of the game, as you’ll technically be doing here through Amazon. The PS5 version is also available now for $60 should you want it, but you’re essentially paying $10 extra for a different label on the case at this point. Particularly if you're not worried about owning a specific generation's version, this is the cheapest way to get a next-gen game. If you're yet to bag a PS5 deal or Xbox Series X deal, then this is still the perfect way to get the next-gen ball rolling, too.

Watch Dogs Legion deal

Watch Dogs Legion on PS4 (+ FREE PS5 upgrade) | $60

Watch Dogs Legion on PS4 (+ FREE PS5 upgrade) | $60 $49.94 at Amazon
Grab Watch Dogs Legion on PS4 and you not only gain entry to Ubisoft's anarchic open-world playground, but you even get access to a next-gen game in the form of the free PS5 upgrade thrown in for good measure. Wicked, as they say in the UK.

Watch Dogs Legion on Xbox One (+ FREE Xbox Series X upgrade) | $60

Watch Dogs Legion on Xbox One (+ FREE Xbox Series X upgrade) | $60 $49.94 at Amazon
The Xbox Series X is already out, so you're getting the next-gen version of Watch Dogs Legion through Amazon for under $50. The threequel is the perfect timesink too, giving you hours upon hours of side missions and activities for you to do while you fight the system.

There's so much more still to come. Start looking ahead to the best PS5 Black Friday deals and all the Xbox Series X Black Friday deals on offer if you want a headstart on saving money before the big day and completing your next-gen setup.

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