Wasteland devs' next-gen RPG will use Unreal Engine 5

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Microsoft first-party studio inXile has confirmed that their next game after Wasteland 3 will run on Unreal Engine 5 tech.

inXile studio head Brian Fargo revealed the info in a tweet Tuesday evening. "We've had quite a few questions about our next-gen RPG and can confirm it will use Unreal Engine 5," Fargo wrote.

It's not exactly a huge surprise, but it is confirmation that Microsoft first-party studios will be working with Unreal Engine 5 and its surplus of triangles. We'd heard already from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney that the engine would run on Xbox Series X, but this is the first time we've heard confirmation that Microsoft-developed games will take advantage of the tech. Speaking of which, if you've somehow missed it, this PS5 Unreal Engine 5 tech demo is a must-watch.

Sadly, the studio stopped short of providing any additional details, as they're rightfully committed to Wasteland 3 for the moment. Fargo told GamesRadar+ for our Wasteland 3 hands-on preview that their acquisition by Microsoft wouldn't change the game they were making. "Microsoft basically came in, gave us a ton of cash, and said go and make the best game that you possibly can," Fargo said.

Details on inXile's next-gen RPG are sparse, but we know from job listings that it's being worked on by a "large, AAA team," and described as a "polished," "ambitious" project. inXile says it'll be "a while" before we hear anything more, but you can bet your bottom dollar that when we know, you'll know.

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