Warzone 2 DMZ players have been getting infinite Battle Rage and Dead Silence, but the jig is finally up

Warzone 2
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An exploit was allowing Warzone 2 players to get infinite use of certain field upgrades in DMZ, and now developer Raven has shut off Battle Rage and Dead Silence while it investigates the problem.

"We have temporarily disabled Battle Rage and Dead Silence in-game while we investigate an issue," Raven says on Twitter. They don't specify exactly what that issue is, but it certainly seems to be an exploit that has been making the rounds for the past several days.

You can watch any number of breakdowns of the exploit on YouTube, but you basically fill your backpack, drop two items on the floor, use the field upgrade you want, and attempt to drop the empty field upgrade slot. That'll give you infinite use of Battle Rage - which gives you fast healing and endless print - or Dead Silence - which silences your footsteps - for the remainder of the match. Working with a co-op partner, there was even a method to activate both field upgrades at once.

But that was before both of those perks were disabled. It's unclear exactly how long the glitch has been in Warzone 2, but word on how to replicate the exploit had been spreading for the past few days. Either way, quite a few players had an unfair advantage this week and were lucky to not end up with a Warzone shadow ban.

Raven currently lists the status of the issue as "investigating" on their official development tracking board. There's no word on when the glitch will be fixed or when Dead Silence and Battle Rage will be returned to the game.

Warzone 2 players are worried that Roze 4.0 is here to haunt the shadows all over again.

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