Videolink SFX172

This month's selection can more or less be summed up using the word "versus". And there's a song about Ewoks.

Iron Man vs Batman

The latest in the Marvel/DC parodies of the Mac/PC ads, this one has Batman and Iron Man discussing their similarities, and still finding stuff to fight over. Link

Ewok Gospel

Most of us weren't keen on the Ewoks, but apparently someone liked them enough to not only write a song about them, but also to hire a full gospel choir to sing it. Link

Halo 3 by Nintendo

Halo 3 footage mashed together with sound effects from various Nintendo games (and Pacman, and Final Fantasy 7). Very cleverly done and pretty funny too. Link

Lost vs Lord of the Rings

The fourth in an ongoing series of Lost parodies that mixes in other genre franchises, this one has Gandalf paying a visit to the island in search of "Mary"… Link

The Narutrix

An old video, but possibly the best AMV we've ever seen. It manages to make both Naruto and The Matrix Reloaded seem really cool. And that's an achievement. Link

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