Videolink SFX168

Seen our latest issue? Want to check out some of the videos in our brand new Videolink column but can't be bothered typing in all those URLs? Don't worry - ever the sorts to make your lives easier, here's our list of links:


An affectionate parody of Torchwood, performed by the nutters of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. It looks like it cost about £1.50 to make, but it’s amusing. Link

Lego Death Star Canteen

Remember Eddie Izzard's stand-up routine about Darth Vader visiting the Death Star canteen? Now you can watch it re-enacted using LEGO-based stop-motion animation! Link


Think of “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba and you'll immediately guess what the central joke of this Captain Jack-themed music video is, but it has good visual gags. Link

Star Wars: Force Unleashed Tech Video

LucasArts has integrated three different physics engines into its upcoming Star Wars tie-in game. Here, we’re talked through what each of these engines does… Link

Zero Punctuation

You know the way Charlie Brooker rants about TV? Zero Punctuation is similar – expect weekly sarcastic video reviews of games with a hefty dose of bad language. Link