Venom 2 and The Matrix 4 have an unlikely crossover

Venom: Let There Be Carnage
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Venom 2 and The Matrix 4 have an unusual crossover.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage was filmed in San Francisco in February 2020, at the same time The Matrix Resurrections was in town. Due to the two blockbusters working side by side, the team filming The Matrix actually ended up in Venom 2. Turns out, the helicopters seen hovering in the skies while Eddie and the symbiote scale Coit Tower were actually filming the other sci-fi movie.

"Lots of stuff impacted filming," Venom 2 location manager Christopher Kusiak explained to Screen Rant. "A lot of our driving shots went away because Matrix controlled all of downtown… We ended up moving a stunt up onto the top of the parking garage because we couldn't get to the areas we wanted because of The Matrix. But if we would've been there first, it probably would've gone the other way."

He added: "The helicopters were actually on the Matrix movie. The Matrix was filming at the same time so we were catching part of their activity on camera."

The Matrix Resurrections has released its first action-packed trailer, featuring an apparently amnesiac Neo and Trinity. Sadly, there's no Venom cameo – though a character from the original Matrix trilogy might be hiding in plain sight

Venom: Let There Be Carnage has already broken a pandemic box office record, and its post-credits scene is generating plenty of buzz. It's due for release in UK cinemas this October 15, and is out in the US now.

The Matrix 4, meanwhile, is due out this December 22, and will debut simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max in the US. If you're looking to get up to speed with the franchise before then, check out our ultimate The Matrix recap.  

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