Vampire Survivors is getting more DLC, but new "key features" will always be free

Vampire Survivors
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Vampire Survivors was one of the biggest surprise hits of 2022, and it seems the developer intends to keep the momentum rolling with more DLC to come alongside free updates and a mysterious new project.

After its 1.0 launch in October, Vampire Survivors got its first DLC pack in December, priced at an astoundingly reasonable $1.99. The pack added eight new characters, 13 new weapons, and a new stage, and developer poncle says you should expect more DLC with similar types of content in the future.

"If you like this kind of content packs, then there will be more coming," poncle says in a Steam blog. "Please remember that DLCs will only ever add more characters/weapons/stages and that the main game will keep getting updated regularly with main game mechanics and content (think Tiny Bridge-style patches) so that no key feature will ever be gatekept by a paywall."

The Tiny Bridge update introduced the challenge stage of the same name, alongside a new power up, a new secret, and a pair of new achievements. With content releases now set to be coordinated across numerous different platforms, those free updates are going to launch more slowly in the future, but it looks like we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from them.

We'll be getting a preview of at least one of these updates in the near future, as "something weird and big (in terms of pixels)" will soon be previewed in the Vampire Survivors beta branch on Steam.

The devs have one more teaser for us, too: "There's a lot of stuff, not exclusively related to Vampire Survivors, getting made behind the scenes in poncle."

Vampire Survivors is one of the best games of 2022 - you can find the rest of our GOTY picks at that link.

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