Quiet GOTY contender Vampire Survivors says, yes, you can sell good DLC for $2

Vampire Survivors
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With its Steam Early Access graduation still lingering in our rearview mirror, Vampire Survivors has announced a promising DLC pack called Legacy of the Moonspell, and much like the unmissable base game, it's super cheap.

Legacy of the Moonspell will launch on December 15 for just $1.99. Vampire Survivors itself is just $3.99 on Steam (until December 12, then it jumps to a whopping $4.99) and also available through Xbox Game Pass. I'm not a fan of the price-to-playtime system of evaluation, but there's no denying the value here. Spend dozens if not hundreds of hours with one of 2022's dark horse GOTY contenders for a couple of bucks? I'd sign up right now if I hadn't been playing the game for months already. I said at the start of the year that this would be one to watch, and after months of patches, it's hard to overstate how good this game is. 

Vampire Survivors' first proper DLC is roughly comparable to the updates the game saw throughout Early Access, and it would rank pretty highly among those updates. Legacy of the Moonspell has a new stage, six new songs, a few new monsters and 13 weapons to slay them with, plus eight more playable survivors. One of those survivors seems to have a ponytail that's bigger than they are, so you know they're gonna be strong. 

"Their long quest to find an actual vampire has led our heroes to an alternate dimension of endless night," a press release reads. "Surely they’ll find a bloodsucker or two here, right? (Right??). Throw in a clan of monster hunters from feudal Japan and a set of mysterious weapons that draw power from the moon, and a good time is all but guaranteed."

Vampire Survivors is rapidly becoming the next Terraria in terms of sheer momentum and acclaim, so it's no wonder it took the Breakthrough Award at the Golden Joystick Awards 2022.

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