Valve previews eminently-collectable TF2 figurines and Portal Gun

Of all the games to inspire ingenious acts of devotion among fans, Portal must rank pretty high – with all manner of in-game items recreated irl to the delight of nerds worldwide. Now Valve's stepping into the fray, commissioning toy-maker NECA for a life-size replica of the game's signature weapon, pre-priced at $130. Doesn't look like such a tool of feminist empowerment side-on, does it now?

We imagine that if you were an identical twin, and if you had some particularly gullible friends, you could play some pretty devious pranks with one of those. We'll leave you to sort out the details, though, as Valve's also previewed these darling plushies based on Team Fortress 2. They'd keep closet-monsters at bay better than all the night-lights your room could ever sustain. All these – as well as the rather more manly TF2, Half-Life and Left 4 Dead action figures seen below - will be available from NECA in the coming months.