Man recreates scale models of Portal's equipment, achieves hero status instantly

There are a lot of things running through our minds when we look at these real life pieces of equipment from Portal, chief amongst which is why the heck would someone devote their precious time to building such detailed recreations? We wouldn't even know where to start in an effort to mimic something so superb, but this is simply a reminder of why gamers and humans on a whole are pretty much amazing. Sometimes.

Above: On the left you'll see the digital versions and on the right the brilliant real life ones

Flickr user Volpin (AKA Harrison Krix) is a king amongst men and spends his time making impressive props based on not just Portal, but Mass Effect, Daft Punk and according to his website an impressive Thor hammer, but his gaming replicas are what caught our eye. Just check out this Half Life 2 gravity gun he made with his bare hands. And some tools.

Above: Want!

Or this other gravity gun from Portal...

Above: Complete with GLaDOS potato

We'd gladly throw out most of our living room area furniture to make way for these gadgets - maybe even buy some glass cases in and turn the lounge into a miniature museum.

Go check out Mr Krix's Volpin and website for more examples of his excellent work.