Valheim Hearth & Home trailer highlights changes to blocking and a new stagger meter

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A new Valheim Hearth and Home update spotlight explains changes to blocking and stamina that will be included in the next update.

The new video, which you can check out below, explains that developer Iron Gate knows that different players want to take different approaches to combat. With that in mind, those who want to deal as much damage as possible will want to continue to focus on maximising stamina, ensuring that they can hit harder and more often. If you're hoping to draw your enemies' fire while your allies finish them off, however, you'll need to increase your maximum health - not only does that allow you to take more damage, it'll also make it easier to block incoming attacks. 

The video also explains a new stagger meter. During combat, a vertical red bar will appear next to your character when they take damage. If that bar fills, your character will be staggered, making them temporarily unable to attack or block. Staggering has always been present in Valheim, but the meter should make it easier to see when you're at your most vulnerable.

The latest update is the second in a series of spotlights detailing what's coming to Valheim in Hearth & Home, and builds on the food-related information that Iron Gate offered fans last week. That video explained changes to food that would see some dishes focus on boosting HP, with others offering extra stamina, encouraging players to watch what they eat to get the most out of their expeditions.There's no confirmed release date for Hearth & Home just yet, but Iron Gate says the update will be arriving this quarter, so it should drop by the end of next month.

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