Untraceable Facebook ads get yanked

The old saying goes that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but some people just can’t help testing that maxim.

Universal has decided to pull a controversial ad campaign linked to Diane Lane-starring cyber-thriller Untraceable, tied to its UK release. The reason? The ads borrowed just a little too much from the theme of the movie – creating a “Kill With Me” page that mirrors the one used by the villain which would let Facebook users see more of one of the film’s torture scenes. The social networking company, shockingly, decided that might not be tasteful.

The marketing company seems annoyed more by the removal of the page: “I am surprised and disappointed that Facebook has taken this action," he complained to Variety. "These sorts of social media campaigns are the only way to be competitive at the moment.” And besides, have you seen some of those profile pictures? Sheesh.

Source: ( Variety )