Uncharted movie delayed one week

Tom Holland in the Uncharted movie
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Update: The Uncharted movie has been delayed yet again, but this time around it doesn't sting quite so much.

Back in January, the Tom Holland-led Uncharted movie was moved from July 2021 all the way to February of next year. Today, the film adaptation is moving just one week, from February 11 to February 18, which is hardly anything considering the project's turbulent production history.

We reported back in December of 2019 that the Uncharted movie had lost its sixth director, and it would go on to be delayed multiple times. But despite its troubled past, filming rather miraculously wrapped in October, and leading man Holland has nothing but good things to say about the project. All in all, a one-week delay isn't the end of the world, especially not after what this movie's been through.

Original story: The Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland has been delayed to February 11, 2022, THR reports.

The film adaptation of the long-running Uncharted franchise has a fabled history of director changes, rewrites, and delays, but news on the project has been uncharacteristically encouraging as of late. It's done filming, we've seen a few quite intriguing official images, and leading man Holland called it everything he "dreamed it would be."

With the Uncharted movie presumably moving into post-production, it seemed entirely plausible that it would hit its previously targeted July 16, 2021 release date. Still, with the coronavirus pandemic on the rise in most parts of the world, continuous delays are to be expected at this point.

According to THR, Sony is moving a number of high-profile Sony movies back from their original release dates. Ghostbusters: Afterlife, another movie that's already seen multiple delays, has been moved from June 11 to November 11, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is moving from April 2 to June 11, and Kay Cannon's Cinderella is now premiering July 16 rather than February 5 as originally planned.

When we inevitably do see the release of the famously fickle Uncharted movie, it sounds like it won't be the last movie adaptation of a PlayStation franchise. Speaking at CES 2021, Sony Interactive president Jim Ryan said the Uncharted movie is "just the beginning of the expansion of our storytelling into new media and even wider audiences."

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