Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception treasures guide

Chapter 4 (6 treasures & strange relic)

Above: All treasures from chapter 4

1. After squeezing through the narrow alleyway, turn right and check the short dead end for this treasure.

2. As soon as you enter the warehouse through the window, leap to the pipe on the wall and drop to another pipe directly below it. Shimmy to the right and climb onto the platform where you’ll find treasure #2.

3. When you finally get to the ground level of the warehouse, look for a bunch of crates stacked in one of the corners. Climb this stack to find another treasure.

4. Once inside the room with the two generators (where you’re attacked) look for a treasure behind the right generator.

Strange Relic: When you come upon the massive cylindrical room, leap to the vertical pipe directly in front of you and climb up instead of down. Look for another pipe to your left and continue climbing until you reach the relic.

5. As you descend the wall of the cylindrical room, look for a treasure about halfway down near a grate.

6. In the room with the gate, where Sully asks you for a boost up to a ladder, look for a small yellow box along the wall. Use it to climb up the wall, shimmying all the way to the left as soon as you get the chance. Climb up and find the treasure next to the vertical duct.

Chapter 5 (4 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 5

1. After the cutscene with Marlowe, you’ll need to take out two guards. From where you incapacitate (not kill, good for you Drake!) the second, climb the wall to your left near the giant elephant head.

2. After you smash the deer head and murder the two guards who enter (oh Drake...), go through the door and run back up the stairs on your right. On the upper level of the library underneath one of the display cases you’ll find the second treasure. If you leap off the nearby railing as seen in the video, you’ll also earn the “ride the crocodile’ trophy.

3. After taking out the first big group of suits in the subway station, look to your left for a large clock on the wall. There is a treasure just below it; shoot it down with your gun. Climb onto the train car to grab the fallen loot.

4. After climbing a ladder, you’ll find yourself in a tunnel full of baddies. Clear the place out, then proceed forward until you see a red train car. At the far end of the car, on the ground, you’ll find a treasure.

Chapter 6 (9 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 6

1. Move through the jungle until you see a small stream. Follow it to the right (downstream) until you find a treasure.

2. When you see the huge ravine in front of you, turn left and choose the path that goes up to the left. At the end of this short path, just beyond a short wall, you’ll find a treasure.

3. When you reach the hole in the side of the tower, continue around to the right instead of climbing inside. You’ll find a spot where you can climb to an even higher hole, this one containing a treasure.

4. After the cutscene in which Sully mentions the square tower, he’ll stand near an open window. This is how you exit the room, but before you do, turn around and walk to the other side of the room. On the floor near the back wall is a treasure.

5. When you reach the puzzle room with a gray fireplace and four golden knights, look for another small room to the left. Check above one of the curtains and you’ll spot treasure; shoot it down.

6. Once you’ve fallen into the caves, simply walk forward a bit and check the ground behind the stalagmite for a treasure.

7. Drop down into the area where you’re given the grenade tutorial. In the corner, under the fallen tree, you’ll find a treasure.

8. After you and Sully work together to break down a door, enter the room and stay to the right. You should see a spot on the wall that you can climb to reach the level above. Do so, then walk across the beam to reach a treasure.

9. As soon as you enter the lab, look to the ceiling. There’s a treasure up there that can be shot down.