Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception treasures guide

Chapter 15 (1 treasure)

Above: All treasures from chapter 15

1. As you’re climbing through the cabins (after escaping being pinned underwater) look for a bathroom. You can’t miss it, but you can miss hopping inside and grabbing the chapter’s only treasure.

Chapter 16 (3 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 16

1. As soon as you’re inside the warehouse, you’ll see a tall stack of crates. There’s a treasure at the top.

2. After dropping down into the warehouse from the skylight and taking out two guards, search the stack of crates in the corner. The treasure is on the second-highest crate.

3. After you roll the car down the hill to bust the gate open, jump into the warehouse on your left via the window. Drop down and look behind the green car.

Chapter 17 (0 treasures)

There are no treasures in chapter 17

Chapter 18 (1 treasure)

1. Shoot the vase next to the well to reveal a treasure.

Chapter 19 (8 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 19

1. As you approach the village gate, look to the left. On the ground near the wall there’s a treasure.

2. As soon as you fall through the roof, look to your right.

3. After you climb out of the well, pass through the second doorway and turn to your left. The treasure is on the ground near the wall.

4. After the quick cutscene in which an enemy shoots out a support column beneath you, look on the ground nearby for a treasure.

5. From treasure 4, shoot out the support column and climb up to the stairs. At the top of these steps, take a left. Just past the Mag 5 pistol, in the corner, you’ll find a treasure.

6. You’ll reach an area where you have a firefight with several baddies (one of which will have a riot shield). After clearing this area, continue forward, but just before proceeding, look to the left. There is a small area with a treasure that you can drop into.

7. After squeezing between the buildings, hop the railing and head right instead of left. The treasure is on the ground near the wall.

8. In the area with the Jeep, check the far right corner after you’ve killed everyone but before you leave through the exploded wooden gate.

Chapter 20 (3 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 20

NOTE: These three treasures are considered by the game as Chapter 21 treasures when using chapter select, even though you can technically collect them in chapter 20.

1. After the chase and the sandstorm firefight, you’ll finally reach a temple. Just turn left as soon as you enter the door to find this treasure on a mound of sand.

2. Continue from treasure 1 until you’re in a huge room. Look to your right to find a long ladder leading up. Climb the ladder, then turn right and drop down to the ledge below to find a treasure.

3. Climb up the same ladder mentioned in the above entry but this time, when you reach the top, leap to the hanging chandelier nearby. Shimmy around it to find a treasure.

Chapter 21 (5 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 21

1. As soon as the chapter begins, descend the stairs and turn left when able. At the edge of the broken staircase you’ll find a treasure.

2. Now head down the steps to the right. You’ll notice a tower on the left as you descend. Leap into the open window to find a treasure.

3. As soon as the cut-scene at the fountain ends and Drake leaps down, immediately enter the building to the right (unless you want be all safe and kill the baddies first; we prefer death) and climb the steps. At the top of the stairs on the left side, you’ll find a treasure. You can also enter the building from the upper level and drop down. This is a safe option.

4. After the flashback, you’ll find yourself back in the elevator. Simply turn around and you’ll spot a treasure a few yards away.

5. When you wake up after the pool puzzle, walk forward into the hall and keep your eyes on the left side. The treasure is on the ground just past the halfway mark.

Chapter 22 (2 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 22

1. As soon as the chapter begins, turn around and look under the spiral staircase you just descended.

2. After you ride the elevator down, continue on until you see a staircase leading up on your left side. Choose right instead, and grab the game’s last treasure from the ground in front of this door.