Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception treasures guide

Chapter 11 (9 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 11

1. Hop into to the well and climb down the ladder, but don’t drop to the ground. Instead move to the broken edge and shimmy around to the other side to find a treasure.

2. After you solve the puzzle and open the passage, run down the hall until you’re a t the bluish-green floor. As soon as you are, turn left to find this treasure on the ground.

3. If you choose the left room with all the gears, you can climb the stairs up then loop around to the right to find a treasure behind a column.

4. If you choose the right room with the suspended body parts, go down the stairs and loop around to your left to find a treasure on the ground.

5. In the same room (the one with the body parts) grab the staff at the center of the room. Hold L1 and point the light up at the ceiling to your right. This should spook some bats, who will in turn knock loose a treasure. Check the ground near the wall for your prize.

6. After you climb out of the well, take a right as soon as you get outside. Walk down the stairs you see to find a treasure on the ground.

7. Walk up the stairs from treasure 6 and make a quick right. Look for a treasure on the seat of one of the tables inside the sheltered section.

8. From treasure 7, walk across the market to the other side of the fountain. Don’t approach Elena or Sully just yet. Look for this treasure on the ground in the shade.

9. Near the end of the long chase sequence, you’ll climb a large, indoor, winding staircase. After going through the door at the top, Drake will say “Where the hell did he go?” At this point, look for a small set of stairs to your right. Climb them, then look behind the counter on the ground for the chapter’s final treasure.

Chapter 12 (7 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 12

1. Clear the first room of pirates, then climb up the ladder and onto the containers. Leap across to another set of containers and search the corner for a treasure.

2. Once you get your holster back, walk down the hall and enter turn right instead of left. On the ground inside this small room you’ll find a treasure.

3. In the area where you finally get your hands on a weapon and either stealthily or noisily take out a large group of baddies, make your way to boat with a tall crow’s nest. From this boat, look for another lower boat with a turret attached. Run along this area and jump to the ledge along the back wall. Follow this to the right, leaping over two gaps to finally see the treasure at your feet. (The video says chapter 13 for this treasure - that’s an error)

4. After taking out the second group of baddies, there will be a short monkey bar section with four yellow bars. After reaching the platform, look to your right to spot a treasure on a gray beam. You’ll have to then look to your right, and jump to another platform so that you can make your way across a series of beams and reach the treasure. NOTE: Unlike in the video where we tried to be careful with our jumps, you can simply hold the direction you wish to go in and keep hammering X. Drake will leap off of thin air even if you mistime your movements.

5. As you continue to climb the side of the ship, you’ll eventually reach a rope that you’ll have to use to run along a wall and reach the next section. Instead of swinging on this rope, climb up and you’ll find a treasure.

6. From treasure 5, get back on the rope and swing to the platform. Climb up, run to the other side, then drop down again. There is a treasure to be found if you climb down.

7. After the short cutscene in the radio tower, do not use the nearby zip line. Instead, look on the floor in the corner of this room for a treasure.

Chapter 13 (3 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 13

1. Take out the enemies in the area where the chapter begins, then look for a watchtower. Under that tower, on a barrel, is a treasure.

2. From treasure 2, turn around and look for a red crane on the other end of the area. Behind that crane you’ll find an open yellow shipping container. The treasure is just inside.

3. From treasure 2, head towards the small yellow drawbridge you’ll be using to reach the pirate boat. Instead of using it, turn right and walk along the edge of the wooden platform to find the last treasure of the chapter.

Chapter 14 (9 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 14

1. As soon as the level begins, make your way along the obvious path until you’re able to turn left. In this small nook (just before the staircase), on the ground, you’ll find the first treasure.

2. When Drake says “Gotta get to the upper deck,” instead of using the life boat to do so, continue forward and round the corner. The treasure will be there on the ground.

3. On the deck where Drake says “So much for stealth,” hop on top of the second yellow container and go right. You’ll find a treasure between two other containers.

4. Run along the edge of the pool and look to the left. There on the ground you’ll spot a treasure.

5. When you’re finally able to leave the performance hall, go through the door and head right. You’ll find the treasure on the ground.

6. From treasure 5, continue on until you see an unaware guard to your left. Instead of dealing with him, continue straight to find a treasure near the fire hose.

7. From treasure 6, take out the guard and enter the room on your left. Make your way along until you see a small bar. The treasure is on the ground behind it.

8. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, don’t head through the door to your right. Instead, loop around to the left and check underneath the steps for another treasure.

9. Not far from treasure 8, at the end of the red-tinted hallway, turn left to find a treasure.