Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception treasures guide

Chapter 7 (1 treasure)

Above: All treasures from chapter 7

1. As you climb to the ceiling near the chandelier, a huge section of it will fall allowing Sully to walk across. Pull yourself up, but instead of following Sully to the right, head left and leap to where the floor used to be attached. Inside this area is the chapter’s only treasure.

Chapter 8 (7 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 8

1. As you move across the bridge near the beginning of the level, you’ll notice a section in the middle, on the right side, is missing. Hop over the short barrier and drop down. Use the yellow ledges to move down and to the right, where you’ll find a treasure.

2. After you let down the drawbridge, cross over it and look on the high wall to your right. The treasure is nestled in the ruined corner; shoot it down.

3. From treasure two, look for a small chained gate. Shoot the lock off and pass through. As soon as you do, turn right and grab the treasure from this statue.

4. Once you’re at the bottom of the well, take out the suits, walk past their corpses, and enter the room on your left. The treasure is on the floor near the back wall.

5. After Sully shoots the lock off your gate, go through then immediately turn around and look up. The treasure is high on the wall; shoot it down.

6. After Drake and Charlie lift the gate for Sully and Chloe, you’ll notice a spiral staircase leading up. Head left past the stairs and check the windowsill for a treasure.

7. After the big gunfight in the courtyard (your second if you weren’t stealthy at first) there will be a large hole blown in the side of the wall that you need to go through. Do so, but before climbing up, look to your immediate right.

Chapter 9 (3 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 9

1. When you enter the room with the globe at the center, follow the left wall around until you come upon a treasure on the ground.

2. When you come upon the first set of cranks (that you can actually turn with Charlie) after the spiders/torches, use them and wait for the water level to rise all the way. Jump in to the water and use your pistol to dislodge the treasure from the high right wall. Make sure to position yourself below it so you can catch it as it falls.

3. After you solve the globe puzzle, ascend the spiral staircase that lowers. At the top, look for an open coffin to your left. The treasure is just to the left.

Chapter 10 (7 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 10

1. Not long after the chapter begins, you’ll see some fruit stands at the bottom of the stairs. Turn left to find the treasure on the ground between a stand and a wall.

2. Walk down the small set of stairs just before the market then turn around. The treasure is on the ground on the right side of the fountain.

3. At a point during your stroll through the market, Elena will ask someone to open a gate. Walk through the gate and up the stairs. You’ll find a cactus in front of you; the treasure is just to the left of it.

4. After climbing the building you’ll enter an area with red carpet. Climb the stairs, but instead of going to the right, turn around to the left. At the end of the room next to the red sofa is a treasure.

5. After the first big fist-fight, continue on until you see a blue fence. Run up to it and turn right to find a treasure on the ground.

6. From treasure 5, follow Elena and Sully down the stairs, but instead of going through the door, turn around to find this treasure on the ground near a storage area full of vases.

7. Climb the wall to the immediate left of treasure 6. On the ledge behind some boxes you’ll find the final treasure of this chapter.