Netflix reveals The Umbrella Academy season 2 is packed full of hidden sparrows

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Get ready to get back into The Umbrella Academy. Netflix has revealed that season 2 boasts some pretty impressive Easter-eggs – and we're not just talking about a couple of references here and there.

The streaming platform has revealed that there are 43 – yes, you read that right, 43! – sparrows hidden throughout the second season's 10 episodes. 

Of course, that's not just a random number thrown out by Netflix. The number of extraordinary children born on October 1, 1989 was also 43. But explaining the meaning of the sparrow will require us to go into spoiler territory, so consider this your warning. Spoilers ahead.

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Okay, here goes. In the final moments of the latest season, The Umbrella Academy comes back to the present day, but it isn’t quite their present. In place of The Umbrella Academy, Hargreeves has instead founded The Sparrow Academy, with seven other extraordinary children taking the place of the seven we know and love. If you’re still confused, we delved into far more detail in our deep dive of that ending – check out our piece on the Umbrella Academy season 2 ending explained.

Some viewers have already begun to hunt down and find various bird friends within the show, pointing out their appearances in Hargreeves' notes, a candy bar, and The Handler’s bath towel. If you were one of the attentive viewers who found every hidden ghost in The Haunting of Hill House, here’s another fun mission for you.

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