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Zack Snyder continues the countdown to DC FanDome with several new Justice League Snyder Cut images

(Image credit: DC/Warner Bros.)

Zack Snyder is seemingly pretty excited about DC FanDome. The upcoming event which is set to feature a Justice League Snyder Cut panel, is generating a lot of hype. The director is only adding to that with a bunch of new Snyder Cut images, including a tease of a Cyborg deleted scene.

“Stone in the Dome” reads the caption for the Cyborg-centric picture shared on Snyder’s Vero account. This image, though, takes place before Victor Stone turned into a cybernetic crimefighter and sees him playing for the Gotham City Wildcats.

(Image credit: Zack Snyder on Vero/DC/Warner Bros.)

On Twitter, Snyder has kept the hype train rolling with a series of countdown images, all hinting at different members of the Justice League.

First is what appears to be the Hall of Justice, still under construction.

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Then, a different perspective of the statue Diana was working on in the Louvre, as glimpsed in Wonder Woman.

Finally, in the last of the current countdowns (with more to come between now and FanDome), there’s a souped-up sports car which could only belong to a certain Bruce Wayne.

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When coupled with a previous show of Snyder hard at work during post-production and even a new look at Ben Affleck’s Batman, these Snyder Cut images tease at how different Snyder’s Justice League could be compared to the 2017 theatrical release.

If you haven’t yet had the DC FanDome schedule committed to memory, here’s a reminder: the Snyder Cut panel begins at 2:45pm Pacific/10:45pm BST on Saturday, August 22.

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