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What would the original 151 Pokemon taste like?

Nidorina (#30)

Nidorina is an extremely delicious dish, and Nidorino doesn't know how big of a mistake he made and he's never getting Nidorina back.

Nidoqueen (#31)

Nidoqueen actually tastes like Nidoking except she doesn't know when to stop nagging, especially when Nidoking doesn't need to stop and ask for directions because he has an amazing sense of direction.

Nidoran (#32)

Nidoran tastes like snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

Nidorino (#33)

Nidorino is too good of a dish not to share, but he totally loves Nidorina and promises that the other Nidorina didn't mean anything.

Nidoking (#34)

Nidoking actually tastes almost identical to Nidoqueen except he refuses to stop for directions when they're lost even though they passed like ten gas stations. Why won't he just listen to reason?

Clefairy (#35)

A light, cakey flavor, similar to a red velvet cake.

Clefable (#36)

Thick, dense strawberry icing. When mashed against a Clefairy the two make a delicious dessert.

Vulpix (#37)

Firefox meat.

Ninetales (#38)

Also like a firefox, but the tails provide some extra vulpine goodness.

Jigglypuff (#39)