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Vanquish Pangloss Statue Guide

The Pangloss statues are a tricky bunch.They are gold little statues that are hiding throughout each mission and serve no purpose other than to be shot by you.When you do, they make a squeal, change color and get ready to fight. In each chapter there are four statues that are scattered about and while some are easy to spot, some are very well hidden and well out of sight. For those crafty little guys, we are here to help! Here is our guide to the location of each Pangloss statue to help you get the achievement/trophy for finding and shooting every single last one.

Fun Fact: The character Pangloss and theAchievement/Trophy name"The Best of All Possible Worlds" are taken from Voltaire's classic satire Candide. The guns, robots and cybernetic suits? Not so much.

Mission 1-2 Breach

1: When you boost through the tunnel right at the start of the first mission, when you go through the first door way, stop and look on top of the doorway to find your first statue there.

2: For the second one, when you exit the tunnel, look to wall that was blocking you when you first started.On the back side of the wall, the side now facing you, to the right of the tunnel you boosted through will be a statue on it. It can be a little tricky to see, but his glittering little form is there.

3: When you enter the next area, after a friendly ship crashes and opens the gate, there will be a large sign up above at the far side of the room that says to “landing dock 3”. Immediately upon entering this room, look to the left to find the statue there on a red platform, near the large A01 sign.

4: The fourth and final statue is on the left hand side of the room on a catwalk up above. Look behind the brown crate and up to the right when your back is to the door you need to go through to proceed.

Mission 1-3 Giant

5: The first statue can be found as soon as you round the corner in the hallway.You will go through a door and come to a set of stairs.Look between the stairs and the statue will be in the middle of the two sets.

6: During the battle with the Argus, head up to the door at the far back of the room and take a look to the left (when facing the Argus). The Statue will be sitting on the ground there.

7: At the same spot as the previous statue, look to the right side this time, and you will find another statue there behind a crate near the track on the floor.

8: For the next statue, make your way along the left side path (again, facing the Argus) and run to the end where some crates will block your path.Look through the barrier there to the left of the crates and the statue is there.

Mission 1-4 Rescue

9: Once the Argus is destroyed and you head inside the gate, there will be a sniper rifle to the right inside a box.Snag it and continue forward.Directly ahead of you on top of a vehicle will be a statue.

10: When you enter the first room, move forward and then down the right side path through the middle of the area. At the far end, you will come to two containers that are on fire.Go around to the other side of them to find a statue.

11: The first soldier to rescue will be directly to you left when you enter, named Kennedy.When you rescue him, go behind where he was being held and look to the lower left.You’ll find a statue there on top of a crate.

12: After you have rescued the three prisons soldiers, you will head through a large door that opens.Immediately to the right of the door as soon as you enter will be another statue.Shoot it before you go to far inside as the mission will end after a couple steps inside.

Mission 1-5 Trust

13: Once you are back in control, turn around at the start of the mission and on the left side there will be a statue on the railing beside a weapons case.Clever game.

14: Once you rescue the lone soldier and head through the gate, Burns will say he is pinned down by a turret. Look to the right side of the gate you came through and up the ramp will be a statue.

15: Once you get past the turrets, you will get ambushed.To the right side of the ramp past the center open area, there will be a statue behind the railing.

16: Once you reach the far end, there will be a ramp in the center and a sign that says “SCR-18 Transit Corridor” Look on top of that sign for another golden man.

Mission 1-6 Darkness

17: When you first meet up with the APC, there will be fires and rubble all over the place. Head to the far left side of the room and there will be a car on fire. Look through the flames to find the statue there getting all toasty.

18: A little bit down the tunnel, you will come to a blockade that needs to be blown up.Head to the very top level, where the turret is and turn around to face the APC.Up on the right side wall, there will be a platform with a light.Look on that platform, to the left of the light and the statue will be hidden there.

19: As soon as the barricade is blown, head through and look behind the first crate you come across. It will be immediately after the barricade and will have a statue behind it.

20: Once you reach the end of the tunnel, before heading up the ramp, there is an area to the right that has a barrier blocking the road and some wreckages. Across from the red and black striped barrier, there is a tank which has a statue sitting on the ground across from it.

Mission 1-7 Seismic

21: To the immediate left of the ramp you come up to enter the area, there are two yellow barricades and an opening in the ground to the right of them. In the opening, sitting on a beam will be another statue.

22: Follow the right side of the area around until you come to a group of crates. You will find a statue sitting on top of the boxes there.

23: While facing the previous statue, go directly to your left and there will be another statue right on the ground in between some more boxes there.

24: Once the area is clear, everyone will move to the elevator.Hop on it and it will start to ride.When it stops, look to the right-if you have your back to the wall- and on the bar across the top will be a statue in the middle.

Mission 1-8 Hostile

25: When you enter the battle, head to the right and in the far corner, behind a row of four grey crates will be the little gold guy chillin.

26: To the left of the door that you exit through – the one with the “platform above” sign, there will be a statue up on the catwalk.Without the sniper rifle it’s pretty hard to see, but he’s there. Watching.Waiting.

27: Directly to the left of where you enter the area for this fight, look there to find a dead end walkway that has 4 crates stacked. Turn to the right for a small fenced in area and the statue will be inside there.

28: Make a right when you enter and make another right into the alcove there to find a dead end blocked by some crates.Go to the left side of the crates and then peak through the opening between the crate and the wall to find a statue there.Easily one of the best hid ones so far.