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Nintendo Switch Year in Review can tell you exactly how many hours you’ve put into your favourite games

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(Image credit: Nintendo)

Similar to the annual Spotify Wrapped, Nintendo has today introduced the Nintendo Switch Year in Review which tells players exactly how many hours they’ve spent playing games on their Switch this year.  

The yearly analysis not only tells you your top four most played games, but also your favourite genres based on your play history, your monthly play activity, and even gives you recommendations based on the games on your system. 

If you are a US or Canadian citizen, you can sign in here using your Nintendo ID to access these stats. However, If you’re a European citizen it appears that you will receive your results in an email sometime soon.

This smart move from Nintendo resulted in the hashtag #NintendoSwitchYearInReview trending on Twitter and by the looks of it, most people have Animal Crossing New Horizons in their top four games of the year - which is no surprise considering the game launched at the start of Lockdown. Other runners up in most players' top four include Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon Sword/Shield, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Along with these stats, the analysis also ranks players in terms of “what kind of gamer” they are from the likes of a “core gamer” if you play a lot of varied games to “Nintendo fan” if you are known to play a lot of Nintendo titles. 

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