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The Dark Knight Rises will not be in 3D

Batman 3

Batman! Batman! Everywhere! A landslide of Dark Knight news has been swamping us over the past few days, and now director Chris Nolan has spoken out about the possibility of Batman 3 being in 3D.

In a move that will be music to the ears of naysayers, the director has decided against 3D for his Batman trilogy capper.

See, Nolan has something far more special up his sleeve. “We’re looking to do something technologically that’s never been done before,” he teases Collider . “Our ambitions are to make a great movie.

“There’s an intimacy at times [ with spatial illusion of the 3D effect ] and we didn’t want to lose scale…Our ambition for the third movie is to complete a story that has begun.

“This is not starting over, this not rebooting. We’re finishing something, and keeping a consistency with what’s come before has real value.”

What is this mysterious new technological wonder? Will it be tied to the central villain? We’re chewing on a wooden spoon in anticipation.