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Superman plot rumours emerge

New rumours about Zack Snyder’s Superman: The Man of Steel have emerged.

According to What's Playing, The Man of Steel will focus on Supermans’s early days, and will feature him becoming involved with a struggle between two tribes in Africa.

He then returns to Smallville to learn about his origins after he uses his powers to help settle the dispute.

With David Goyer ( The Dark Knight ) as screenwriter and Christopher Nolan producing, The Man of Steel is expected to repeat the success of the pair's Batman reboot.

Though we're in early days, this ‘returning to his roots’ plot sounds a bit familiar. Almost as if it’s been a TV show…

Another tidbit chruned up by the rumour mill is Anne Hathawayto play Lois Lane, although you'd imagine pretty much any age-appropriate actress is in with a shot.

Superman: Man of Steel is set for late 2012.