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Ray Wise signs up for X-Men: First Class

Ray Wise

X-Men: First Class casting seemed all but finished now that filming on the mutant prequel has commenced.

But today another name has signed on to appear in Matthew Vaughn’s film – and what a name it is.

Yes, the TV legend that is Ray Wise will be getting in on the action. Wise is best known for his roles in cult hit Twin Peaks and Reaper , as well as a cornucopia of other pulpy projects.

“I'm playing the Secretary of State of the United States," Wise reveals to IGN. "I'll be going over there in the next couple of weeks."

“I love Matthew,” enthuses Wise of his director, Kick-Ass' Matthew Vaughn. “And Bryan Singer's producing it and [ it's got ] a great cast – James McAvoy, January Jones, Oliver Platt.”

Asked if he’d be shooting any scenes involving special effects, Wise enigmatically responds: “Well, I think I touch on them, yeah, a bit.”

One more reason to keep an eye on that 3 June release date, then…