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If a PS5 restock is coming today, it'll be at these stores

PS5 restock
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PS5 restock deals have been more exciting over the past few days than in recent weeks. Thursdays have historically been one of the better times for the consoles to appear, and because Best Buy are long overdue for a drop and favor this particular day, they could be offering the console before the day is out.

PS5 restock deals are also possible today at Sony Direct, especially given how the console manufacturer is holding the PlayStation Showcase event later today at 1pm PDT / 9pm BST.

In the UK, it's been heavily rumored online that Game and Argos could be gearing to release PS5 units at some point today, based upon current social media discourse. It's also worth keeping an eye on AO as it has been fluctuating with PS5 restocks for most of the morning.

Because the UK has seen a fair share of action over the past couple of days, we would recommend always keeping tabs on Amazon. While the world's largest online retailer had a limited stock run earlier today,  it's always unpredictable so could go again ahead of the weekend. 

In terms of big-box retailers, Smyths had units available yesterday, so it's worth double-checking it as well, just in case any consoles are left for collection at a store near you.

PS5 restocks: last seen at these retailers

PS5 restock: Buying advice 

Only pay the retail price: PS5 consoles cost $499.99 / £449 for the disc model and $399.99 / £359.99 for the Digital Edition. Don't give in and pay severely over-the-odds to a scalper or other secondary sources far in excess of the MSRP. PS5 restocks are still fairly common, happening at least once or twice a week currently, so perseverance is key above all else if today doesn't pan out for you. 

Aim for bundles: When retailers do have PS5 restocks available online, more often than not, they are released as both the standalone console and packed-in with some of the best PS5 accessories (such as the best PS5 headset) or best PS5 games. While more expensive, these offers are often less fought over and tend to hang around a little longer than just the system on its own. 

Be prepared: Some online storefronts may launch you into a queue when PS5 restocks are available at their websites. When this happens, it always pays to have your payment information and billing address either to hand, or pre-emptively loaded up with the account you're signed in with. No one wants to waste an hour of their lives in an attempt at picking up a PS5, only to leave disappointed. 

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