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Pokemon X and Y item location guide

Shalour City

Critical Power Lv. 1 (O-Power) - Enter the Pokémon Center to find your old pal Mr. Bonding. Talk to him to receive another O-Power.

Eviolite - Enter the house to the right of the Pokémon Center. Speak to the scientist inside to receive this.

Soothe Bell - Enter the first house to the left of the Pokémon Center and speak to the lady in purple to receive this.

Stardust (x5) - Enter the next house over and speak to the woman near the window. If you have a Flying type Pokémon in your party, she'll give you these.

Max Ether - Just before entering the Tower of Mastery, you can grab this near some rocks on the right side of the gate.

TM47: Low Sweep - Once you get permission to ascend the Tower of Mastery, do so. Enter the third door up the spiral and speak to the purple haired character to receive this.

Route 12

Aspear Berry - Head south upon entering the route. Use Cut to clear the tree and follow the path to find the Aspear Berry tree.

TM45: Attract - Enter the house in the Baa de Mer farm and speak to the girl inside. She'll give you this.

Whipped Dream - Found in a trench next to the Baa de Mer Farm gate. Ride a Skiddo to the other side of the fence, then hop off to reach it.

Shiny Stone - Use a Skiddo to ascend the ledges northeast of the pen. Hop off to reach this item atop some stairs.

Leftovers - South of the Baa de Mer farm is a tree just past some flowers. Use Cut to clear the way and reach this extremely handy item.

Water Stone - Surf toward Azure Bay, but make a quick left before entering the area. Examine the rock in this little inlet to discover a Water Stone.

Azure Bay

Deep Sea Tooth - Surf out into Azure Bay and head northwest. The water wraps around a small island that can be seen from Route 12. On this island is a grassy field where you'll find this item.

Deep Sea Scale - Found in the same field.

TM81: X-Scissor - At the southern end of the same field.

Dive Ball - Found on a tiny sandbank in the extreme northwest of Azure Bay.

Big Pearl - Surf along the eastern edge of the bay to find a small island where this sits.

Splash Plate - Found near the island entrance to Sea Spirit's Den. It's around the back right corner of the cave.

Coumarine City

Silk Scarf - Enter the first house you spot and speak to the older gentleman inside to receive this.

Good Rod - Speak to the first fisherman you encounter to receive this.

TM62: Acrobatics/TM63: Embargo/TM92: Trick Room/TM100: Confide - Follow the town path as it wraps around, and you'll reach a woman standing near the water. Answer her question correctly, and she'll give you one of these four moves. Return each new day and answer the question until you get them all!

Lucky Egg - Speak to the lady on the left side of the Couramine Hotel lobby to receive this.

Metronome - After disembarking from the monorail, speak to the blonde man to receive this.

Befriending Power Lv. 1 (O-Power) - Your old pal Mr. Bonding can be found inside the Pokémon Center. Speak to him to receive this.

Poké Toy - Enter the right house south of the Pokémon Center and speak to the woman by the window. Answer her question correctly to receive this.

Sky Plate - On a ledge to the right of the Gym.

Black Sludge - Speak to the punk in the connecting tunnel to Route 13 to receive this.

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